a birchbark canoe

Buying a birchbark canoe

Buying a birchbark canoe is not easy. If you have lots of money you can order one from a builder, or buy an old one. Expect a birchbark canoe in good condition to cost you at least $200 US a foot.

Some Birchbark Canoe Builders

Tom Byers - Wood River Canoe Company

David and Ernestine Gidmark, Maniwaki, Quebec

Bigfork Canoe Trails, Minnesota

Henri Vaillancourt, Greenville, NH

Joe River, Wakefield, Quebec

The Bark Canoe Store

Squeedunk Kayaks

Aaron York - Montreal, Québec

Ted Behne - miniature canoes

Steve Cayard
11 Taylor Rd Wellington, ME
Phone: (207) 683-2841
email: amd@tdstelme.net

Eric Mase - Ojibway Canoe Co.
PO Box 746 Ely, MN
Phone: 218-235-2936
email: daynam@spacestar.net

Ferdy Goode - Beaver Bark Canoes
9241 Highway J Minocqua, WI
Phone: 715-356-1991 or 715-356-3824

Stanley Sarazin of the Algonquins of Pikwakanagan (Golden Lake, Ontario) is the son of Daniel Sarazin who is featured in one of David Gidmark's books

Birchbark canoes for sale

Ross Bros. sells antique wooden boats and sometimes has birchbark canoes

You can often find birchbark canoes for sale in the member classifieds at the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association

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