a birchbark canoe

About Judy Kavanagh

a picture of JudyWhat is there to say about me? By day I am a mild-mannered web designer, desktop publisher, spinner, dyer, woodturner and photographer. The rest of the time I like to paddle my canoes, play with my cats and do crafts.

Seriously, my education is in languages and computers and I have far too many degrees than are good for me. Okay, I like learning stuff.

I have been interested in traditional crafts for a while, starting with quilting and moving on to moccasin making and beadwork, basket making, hide tanning, and spinning.

Three cats help also me with my crafts: Jenny, Elfy, Lucky. I also like to play the piano, accordion and fiddle.

You can contact me at judy_kavanagh@rogers.com

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