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Moccasin # 79

A pair of fully beaded moccasins made of smoked moosehide with latigo soles in my favourite colours.

Moc #62 Moccasin # 62

Edd In California ordered these soft-soled moosehide moccasins with a beaded turtle.

Moc #35 Moccasin # 35

Grant in Ontario gave these moccasins to his wife for a Christmas gift. They are made of moosehide with red, green and white lazy stitch beading and are lined with polar fleece.

Moc #55 Moccasin # 55

This pair of moccasins is beaded with white, blue and yellow using lazy stitch. They are a women's size 7-8 and are unlined.

Moc # 40 Moccasin # 40

Veronica in New York got these fleece-lined moccasins for powwow dancing. She asked for beading in her colours of purple, green and white. They have hard soles.

Moc #44 Moccasin # 44

Veronica's dad, Rich, wanted hard-sole moccasins with black and white beading. They are lined with polar fleece and have cotton trim around the ankles.


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