Handspun yarn

Close up of yarn on a spinning wheel

Creating yarn on a spinning wheel

When you go into a yarn store the choice of colours, thicknesses and fibres is sometimes overwhelming. Thin, thick, gigantic? Pink, red, RED, RED with sparkles? Now imagine you could have any yarn you could imagine, from an infinite number of possibilities? That is handspun yarn.

There are many techniques that can be used to make handspun yarn other than the usual two ply or three ply. For example, yarn can be spun right from the locks of wool. If these hang out of the yarn it’s called tailspinning. Spiral yarn consists of one thin strand and one thin strand. The thick strand winds around the thin one in a spiral and the resulting yarn can look like a string of beads.

Tailspun yarn (top), spiral yarn (bottom)

Tailspun yarn (top), spiral yarn (bottom)