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I am not native but I make beaded moccasins and mukluks in the tradition of the first peoples of North America. It started out as a hobby but it, well, grew... I have been selling moccasins and mukluks on the web since 1995. 

Browse in my gallery to see some of the moccasins, fancy mukluks, snowshoe mukluks, mittens and other treasures I have made.

I am currently not taking any custom orders.

Now you can see some of the moccasins and mukluks made by other craftspeople that I have collected. Take a look at my moccasin collection or my mukluk collection.

Want to make your own moccasins or mukluks? Check out my patterns, my recommended book list and my list of where to buy craft supplies. My Men's moccasin pattern is now available in whole sizes 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13.

If you're really enthusiastic you can see my adventures in tanning deerhide.

How much do you know about moccasins? Try my moccasin quiz.

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