Finger Weaving

Finger weaving is a technique used to create belts, sashes, straps, and other similar items through a non-loom braiding process. It is especially popular among the Québecois, Métis and North American native peoples where it is a big part of their cultural identity.



Making an Assomption sash

Excellent short film showing Claudette Roberge from Ste-Marie-Salomé, Quebec

Zef Arbour has several tutorial videos

Instructions for weaving more complicated designs – Charlevoix, tête de flèche, flammes nettes, Assomption and Acadienne

Weaving a double chevron – Dominique Buchmann

Interview with Yvette Michelin. Le fléché, patrimoine immatériel du Québec

How to add beads to a sash

La ceinture fléchée, le fil rouge de l’histoire

Sashes by Catherine Lessard

Native American

Anita West Fingerweaving demonstration, Wahzhazhe Cultural Center, Oklahoma

Piscataway finger weaving, Maryland

Bill Tohee fingerweaving


Elder Elize Hartley talks about the history and meaning of the Metis Sash. The sash she shows is loom woven rather than finger woven

Advanced Metis Finger Weaving – Four excellent on-line videos from the Gabriel Dumont Institute


A Manual of Fingerweaving by Robert J Austin

Fingerweaving Basics by Gerald L Findley

Finger Weaving: Indian Braiding by Alta R. Turner

Fingerweaving Untangled: An Illustrated Beginner’s Guide Including Detailed Patterns and Common Mistakes by Carol James

Ceinture fléchée by Marius Barbeau

Histoire et origines de la ceinture fléchée traditionnelle dite de l’Assomption

Parle-moi de la ceinture fléchée !